Murphy Has to Pay $51,000…A Month…

February 10, 2009

Wow! I guess Mel B’s Daughter will be very well cared for…. and a big college fund!

It’s official and big for Mel B!  Yesterday, February 9, 2009, funnyman, Eddie Murphy was ordered to pay his ex Melanie Brown (Spice Girl, “Mel B”) $51,000 a month (a grand total of 10 million) for Child Support for the “support” of their young daughter (It’s my understanding that shes now 22 Months Old!)!

After 15 Months of a lengthy court battle (approximately, don’t quote me here) ….In the child support agreement between the Parties, Murphy has agreed to a child support  totaling more than $10 million dollars.

Wow!  I would really like to know if he can “modify this order” at any time or is this “final”….just a set 10 million…that’s not a bad deal…It would also be good to know what happens if he cannot afford such amount in five to ten years…

I would also love to know how the Parties came to such a number!  I told some of our clients this yesterday…and some of them complain of paying $500 a month!  This was also shocking considering Mel B’s own celebrity… I guess Eddie Murphy is still making big money!

Before the child was born, Murphy repeatedly denied that she was in fact his child!  “I don’t know whose child that is,” Murphy said on Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard in 2006, “until it comes out and has a blood test.”
Shortly thereafter test results determined that he was in fact the child’s father and Mel B has now scored big!

More importantly , according to The Daily Telegraph, Murphy has also agreed to start seeing the child, which is very important for her development (at least in my opinion).  She’s still young and and there’s time for Murphy to bond with his daughter! 

Side Note:  If he was in California more time with his daughter may actually help him decrease his Child Support Payments as well! 

Good Luck Mel B and Eddie Murphy!




January 29, 2009


By:  Attorney Demetria L. Graves,

1. ADDRESS YOUR EMOTIONS:  I know this may be an extremely difficult task, but it’s very important BEFORE you can move on with your dissolution process and your life.  If you are feeling angry, identify why you are angry. If you are hurt, identify for yourself why you are hurt, etc.  If you are having difficulty identifying your feelings, it might be beneficial for you to contact either a family member or professional (maybe a therapist) who can help you deal with your emotions.  From what I’ve seen lately, it’s clear that before you can move on to deal with the dissolution or to move on with life in general, it’s important to honestly address your emotions. 

2. YOUR CHILDREN FEEL YOUR PAIN:  Please always keep in mind that your children are watching you.  They understand when you are upset and if you do not address their feelings, they to may begin to panic!  Avoid stress as it relates to your children by listening to their concerns and identifying what you feel is appropriate to tell them about your approaching divorce.  It might be beneficial to also allow your children to seek professional help if you feel it’s necessary.  Additionally, if possible, try to keep your children’s schedule as “consistent” as possible during this difficult time.  

 3.DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU OWN:  It is extremely important to identify what you own and all of your assets, i.e. your house or rental properties, your cars, 401(K), Retirement Accounts, Bank Accounts, etc.  This will help identify what you may need to discuss with your divorce attorney and/or your spouse. 

4. DO YOU KNOW YOUR DEBT: Identify the debt that you and your spouse may have.  How many credit cards do you and your spouse own, is there a Line of Credit on your home? Do you have student loans?  Did you take a loan on your 401 (k), etc.

5.WHAT’S YOUR BOTTOM LINE?:  Once you have identified your children’s needs, a breakdown of your assets, and a breakdown of your debts, it’s important to ask yourself: What are my goals in terms of the assets, debts, the children? If your spouse asked you, “Honey what do you want?” What would be your response?  Absent family, friends, attorneys and what you’ve heard about divorce, really take time to think about YOUR “Bottom Line.”

6. MEDIATION v. LITIGATION:  This is an extremely important decision.  “Mediation” is a good choice if you and your spouse are seeking an alternative to “traditional litigation” and are willingly to attempt to work out your differences with a third party, instead of “litigating” or allowing the courts to decide your fate.  Mediation also tends to be much cheaper! In Mediation you and your spouse negotiate your final outcome instead of attorneys and the court system.  Your second option is what I call “traditional litigation.” With this option, you both get attorneys, one side files for the divorce, the other side responds, you may have several court appearances etc. This option tends to be a bit more expensive and a bit longer than mediation.

7. COMMUNICATE:  If possible, talk to your spouse and try your best to discuss what you feel is best for your family in terms of dividing your assets, your debts, doing what’s best for your children, and how you wish to proceed with your divorce.  This discussion might ease the difficulty and stress of the divorce and allow the two of you to begin to discuss your options.

8. MAKE A DECISION: Decide if you can what YOU and potentially your spouse think is best for your family in terms of “mediation” or “litigation.”  This will require you to decide if the two of you can work together with one attorney to meet your needs, or if you think you both need your own attorneys for possible court intervention.

9. CHOOSE AN ATTORNEY: Once you have done ALL of the above…then you must choose an attorney that best fits YOUR needs.  You will at this point seek out someone who can either assist you as a “mediator” or “litigator” depending on your goals.  

10. BREATHE!  You are now on to the next chapter in your life…..


If you love Beyonce…You MUST see this!

January 14, 2009

All the Single Ladies…

Too Cute!

Family Law Newsletter…

January 14, 2009


We are pleased to announce our new Family Law Newsletter… If you want to know what’s going on at the Law Offices of Demetria L. Graves and “Our” Current Events, email us ( and we will be sure to add you to our Newsletter List!

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I want my Kidney!

January 12, 2009

Happy Monday!

You know the world of divorce gets really really interesting…but I think this story takes the cake!  Husband gives his kidney to his wife… Wife cheats on Husband, the parties now want a divorce …. and Husband also wants his kidney!  If you haven’t had a chance to read about this one…check it out!

Demetria L. Graves, Esq.,

What?? Husband “takes” Wife’s Last Name?

January 5, 2009

You know…this ideal no longer seems that far fetched…. In the days of “Brangelina” and the like, it’s no surprise that there is a proposed law that would allow couples to use either Husband’s or Wife’s last name or a combination of both!  This should get really interesting!  Stay tuned!

Demetria (

It’s A New Year!

January 5, 2009

Happy Monday! I must say I really enjoyed the time off! I actually relaxed! Didn’t get up until 10:00 a.m. or so…. spent some time with my very lonely dog (Sasha)…, family and friends…But now it’s time to get back to work! Stay tuned in the days to come! We have an exciting year ahead of us!

Take Care and Happy Monday!


Hello world!

November 22, 2008

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